HLAA SW CT Meetings

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We invite you to come to our meetings. They can help you cope with your hearing issues since we have programs, information, projects, and social events designed to help.  We also have fun in the process.

Our planned program includes:

Oct 2, 2018 - 11;00-12:30 pm - Westport Senior Center --Topoic: Bluetooth for Hearing Aids and CIs. 

Speakers are Oticon Hearing Devices -- Kari Londo, AuD, Title: Connecting in Modern Hearing Care -explaining the new Oticon hearing aids with direct connection to phones, music, TVs.


Clear Captions phiones - Wayne Simmons, Title IV ADA Specialist, Title: a new App that will permit captioning on cell phones.  In addition. he will discuss new 2019 Bluetooth phones and how eligible folks can receive a free one.