Projects and Resources

Chapter members are active in the following projects and resources. The projects and resources focus on a broad set of needs for the municipal buildings, theaters, and schools in our county. Come to our chapter meetings to learn more about them.


Hearing-Friendly Assistance
Helping communities with amplification devices and systems beyond hearing aids and public address systems

School Projects
Making fourth graders more aware of hearing issues and protection techniques
Senior Center Hearing Loss Awareness

Guiding seniors in overcoming denial, understanding hearing loss situations and solutions
Obtaining leads for Financial Aid, Grants and Other Resources for Hearing Aids

Putting folks in touch with financial resources, especially if a child needs hearing assistance.

Educational and Awareness Projects

Education and awareness is core to our HLAA SW CT mission.  We are committed to helping hearing people understand how to communicate with the hearing impaired, and we are committed to helping the hearing impaired live as full a life as possible in the hearing world.  Education and awareness helps bridge that gap.  We have recently conducted workshops and presented in schools, senior centers, our chapter members, and other groups.

Recently-Delivered Education and Awareness Sessions

Here are some of our recently-delivered programs or presentations:

Session Title

Conserving Your Hearing

  • First Grade
  • Fourth Grade
Noise and It's Affect on Us
  • Government Officials
  • Chapter Members
  • Citizens for Sensible Airspace
Communicating with the Hearing Impaired
  • Fourth Grade
  • Seniors
Communication Requirements during a Power Outage, Emergency, or Disaster
  • People with Special Needs
  • Chapter Members
  • Responsible Officials
 Learning About Alarms, TV Aids, and Notification Systems
  • Seniors
  • Anyone Hard-of-Hearing
Coping with Hearing Loss
  • Seniors
  • Houses of Worship
  • Chapter Members

On-the-Shelf HLAA SW CT Presentations Delivered in Past Years

The following is a sample of the various presentations we can deliver to different audiences.  Ask about the content of those that interest you.

  • Assistive Listening Technology Including Induction Loops
  • Demystifying Technology
  • Accommodating Deaf and Hard of Hearing
  • Conserving Your Hearing
  • How to Communicate with the Hard of Hearing
  • Noise and its Societal Impact
  • Why Our Hearing System is So Fragile -- And Will Not Regenerate
  • The FAA Proposal From the Hearing-Impaired Perspective
  • Disaster Preparedness of People with Special Needs
  • Hearing-Friendly Approaches
Contact our Steering Committee members including our Chapter President to find out more about these sessions.